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Damp and mould

What can I do to prevent condensation?

If your windows are getting steamy or your window ledges are wet, then there is too much moisture in the air.

Here are some tips to help you prevent condensation and mould in your home:

  1. ventilation
    • you need much more ventilation in the kitchen and bathroom when cooking, washing up, bathing and drying clothes - this means open windows or put on your extractor fan
    • keep any window vents open to allow air to circulate in and out so any moisture can escape
    • please report any faulty extractor fans or windows not opening properly to us so these can be fixed
  2. cooking
    • when cooking, have a window open or extractor fan on so steam can escape
    • keep lids on saucepans while cooking
  3. drying clothes
    • dry your washing outside where possible, or in room with an open window or extractor fan
    • do not put wet clothes on a radiator as this will fill the room with moisture, creating condensation, very quickly
  4. air flow
    • regularly check behind furniture, including beds, that are placed against an external wall for mould
    • wherever possible leave a gap between the furniture and external wall to allow air to circulate
    • open your curtains during the day as keeping them closed for long periods can trap condensation behind them
    • never block air bricks or extractor fans; keep them open and clear from obstruction
  5. wipe down
    • regularly wipe windows, windowsills and walls to prevent condensation build-up
Last modified on 07 February 2024

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