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Park rules - Breydon Water Holiday Park

The following rules of occupation are for the good management of Breydon Water Mobile Home Park and for the benefit of all who live on the Park. These rules form part of the agreement by which you occupy your pitch in accordance with the Mobile Home Act 1983 as amended.

Home and Pitch

  • only Park Homes (mobile homes) of Proprietary manufacture that conform to the relevant definitions contained in Acts of Parliament will be acceptable
  • Park Homes must be maintained in a sound and clean condition
    • where the exterior is repainted or recovered, Park homeowners must use reasonable endeavours not to depart from the original external colour scheme
    • any external change of colour or cladding is to be approved in writing by the Park Owner, which will not be unreasonably withheld
  • wheels must not be removed from the Park Home
  • the Park Home must only be repositioned with permission in writing of the Park Owner, which will not be unreasonably withheld
    • no external alteration or addition to the Park Home or pitch is permitted without the prior approval in writing by the Park Owner, which will not be unreasonably withheld
  • the Park Homeowner is responsible for the presentation and cleanliness of the Pitch and, for reasons of ventilation and safety, must keep the area underneath the mobile home clear and not use it as storage space

Gardens and Surrounds

  • Park Home gardens are to be kept neat and tidy
  • The planting of trees is subject to the Park Owner's approval of type and position, which will not be unreasonably withheld - trees are to be maintained and may not be cut down, removed or damaged


  • the Park Homeowner is responsible for ensuring that household, recyclable and garden refuse is disposed of as appropriate in approved containers through the local authority service - refuse must not be disposed of on any part of the Park Owners land or deposited in the Park Owners skips or containers
  • the deposit of any refuse or un-roadworthy cars on any part of the Park Owners land is strictly prohibited - disused vehicles must be removed from the Park
  • the Park Owner reserves the right to remove any apparently abandoned vehicles

Sheds, Porches, Fences and Garages

  • storage sheds, fences, or other structures are only permitted with the written approval of the Park Owner, which will not be unreasonably withheld
  • flammable substances may be kept on the Park Home pitch in quantities reasonable for domestic use - no other storage of flammable or explosive substances is allowed
  • external fires, including incinerators, are not allowed. It is strongly recommended that all Park Homes have a suitable fire extinguisher inside and these should be tested annually
  • rotary washing lines may be erected but are to be reasonably screened from public view when not in use

Electricity, Gas, and Water

  • Park Homeowners are responsible for ensuring that electrical and gas installations and appliances within their Park Homes always comply with the requirements of the Institute of Electrical Engineers and/or other appropriate authorities
  • Park Homeowners are responsible for the electric system from the final meter point to the Park Home and for the gas system from the final shut-off valve to the Park Home


  • musical instruments, Hi-fi systems, televisions, radios, and other appliances must not be permitted to cause nuisance to other Park Homeowners at any time and especially between the hours of 10.30p.m. and 8 a.m
  • it is forbidden to use, display or carry guns, firearms or offensive weapons or objects likely to cause offence on the Park

Vehicles, Road, and Parking

  • parking space(s) are provided outside your Park Home and parking is only allowed in the permitted parking space(s) - you may not park on the roadways or grass verges except for unloading and for a maximum of twenty minutes at a time
  • garages may be allowed depending on the size of the pitch and must be of a type approved by the Park Owner, which will not be unreasonably withheld
  • other than for delivering goods and services, commercial vehicles of any type are not permitted anywhere on the Park
  • the parking of touring caravans, trailer tents, trailers, motorhomes or caravanettes is not permitted
  • all vehicles must be driven carefully on the Park, not exceeding the 10mph speed limit
    • vehicles must have an MOT certificate, be taxed, and insured as required by law and drivers must hold a current driving licence
  • motor vehicles must not be repaired or serviced on the Park except in emergency situations by a reputable company - any noise starting your vehicle or returning home during the night must be kept to a minimum


  • small pets such as goldfish, budgerigars, hamsters etc. are permitted within the confines of the Park Home
  • other animals are not permitted on any part of the Park except for one dog and/or one cat per Park Home
  • dogs that present a serious danger to the public as described under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or any equivalent succeeding legislation are not allowed on the Mobile Home Park under any circumstances
  • dogs and cats must be always kept under proper control and, except for guide dogs or dogs for the disabled, are not allowed in any facility building
    • dogs must be kept on a lead when they are not inside the Park Home and must not be allowed to foul any areas of the Park

Occupants of the Park

  • no person under the age of 50 years old may reside in a Park Home
  • children are only accepted on the Mobile Home Park for short periods, for example weekend/week visits by family and friends - longer stays can be accommodated on the Holiday Park
  • children are not permitted to live on the Mobile Home Park
  • no commercial enterprise or business activity may take place on the Park, the pitch or in the Park Home
    • the Park Home or the Pitch must not be used for the storage of stock, plant, machinery, or equipment used or last used for any business purpose - however, you may work individually from the Park Home by carrying out any office work of a type that does not create a nuisance toother Park Homeowners and does not involve other staff, other workers, customers, or members of the public calling at the Park Home or the Park

These Park Rules may be amended for the better management of the Park at any time subject to any amendments being agreed with the Park Homeowners through the consultation process.

It is understood and accepted by all Park Homeowners on the Park that it is situated adjacent to Breydon Water Holiday Park. Owners of Mobile Park Homes agree that they are fully aware that during the opening times of the Holiday Park, the Bars and Entertainment may not close until after midnight.

All Park Homeowners are aware of this fact before purchasing a Mobile Park Home and that they may be able to hear music etc. from the Bars and Entertainment venue when inside their Mobile Park Home.

Contact details

  • Address:
    Park Resorts
    Breydon Water Holiday Park
    Butt Lane
    Burgh Castle
    Great Yarmouth
    NR31 90B
Last modified on 08 November 2023

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