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Communicating securely with our customers

You may notice a change in the way the Borough Council sends you emails. As part of measures under GDPR, we want to ensure that you receive all sensitive information securely so you may receive some emails that will require you to follow the procedure outlined below.

The email received in your mailbox from Great Yarmouth Borough Council will look something like this:

Encrypted email notification

This shows where the encrypted email has been sent from and advises you to save the attachment, this is NOT required. Simply open the attachment to continue with accessing the email. It also mentions the requirement to sign in using your email address; again, this is NOT required.

Select the attachment and click 'Open'.

You will then see the following 'Encrypted message' page:

Use a one-time passcode

Select 'Use a one-time passcode'. This may take a short while to load and will present the message 'Loading, please wait...'; please do not exit this page while it is loading.

You will then receive the passcode in your mailbox. It will have the subject 'Your one-time passcode to view the message'. Please open this email to retrieve the passcode.

Here is your one-time passcode

Please note:
The first time an email containing a passcode is received it may be filtered into your junk folder. Therefore, if a passcode has been requested but not received, please check your junk folder before requesting it again.

Last modified on 02 March 2022

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