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Fees and Charges 2024-25

Market fairs

  • all costs are based on square metres 
Gorleston Beach huts
Category / Attraction description2023/242024/25VAT Status
A - Roundabouts over 25ft (7.62m) in diameter or any other machinery or apparatus, whether operated by electricity, steam, hand or other means£4.00£4.50OS
B - Roundabouts less than 25ft (7.6sm) in diameter, power operated Hoopla's, Spinners and games of similar nature£6.90£7.70OS
C - Non-mechanical operated Hoopla's, swinging boats, Booths, Shows and Exhibitions and Refreshments kiosks£4.60£5.30OS
D - Dart stalls, Coconut-shy, Shooting Galleries and other Shooting Games£2.40£2.70OS
Minimum charge£44.00£50.00OS
Last modified on 18 April 2024

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