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Archive of Local Plan Part 2 preparation and examination

Local Plan Part 2 adoption

Great Yarmouth Borough Council formally adopted the Great Yarmouth Local Plan Core Strategy on Thursday 09 December 2021. It now forms part of the formal development plan for the area, which is the starting point for decisions on planning and development in the Borough (except that part within the designated Broads area). The Local Plan Part 2 amends a small number of policies in the Core Strategy. 

The Local Plan Part 2 (and associated documents Adoption Statement and Sustainability Report) are available below:

Inspector's report

The Planning Inspector was satisfied that the Local Plan Part 2 met the requirements of Section 20(5) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act (2004) as amended and meets the criteria for soundness as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework, subject to a number of main modifications that were incorporated into the plan. The full report may be viewed via the following documents:

Last modified on 30 January 2023

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