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Public Spaces Protection Orders

Public Spaces Protection Order No 3: dog control

Live from 01 April 2017, extended on 01 April 2023

In 2017, the Borough Council carried out a review of its dog control measures and updated existing byelaws into a Public Spaces Protection Order.

The PSPO covers four areas:

  • requirement to pick up after a dog has fouled
  • requirement to leash a dog where directed to do so
  • sites from which dogs are banned
  • sites where a dog must be leashed

For further information on the fenced play areas, skateparks, fitness areas and multi-use games areas where dogs are not permitted under this Order, please refer to the list of dog ban sites.

The Public Spaces Protection Order No 3: dog control (2017) originally came into force on 01 April 2017 and ran for a period of three years. This was subsequently extended on the following dates:

01 April 2020

01 April 2023

This PSPO is designed to ensure that dog owners/walkers recognise their responsibilities as pet owners and that as such they must ensure that they remove dog fouling forthwith and ensure that their dog does not behave in a way to cause alarm or distress to others.

Last modified on 22 September 2023

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