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Keeping warm at home


Keeping warm at home is important for our physical health and wellbeing and to help with the general upkeep and maintenance of our homes.

If the heat in a room falls to less than 16°C, moisture that is normally trapped in the air is released, contributing to damp conditions. Damp can be damaging to walls and furniture, causing damp patches and peeling wallpaper. It can also contribute to the growth of mould and this can affect breathing. 

Anyone who is considered as vulnerable, including the elderly, very young children or people with health conditions, should keep the temperature of their home between 18 and 24°C to help keep warm and well. 

We are committed to helping all our residents stay warm. Information here will help you manage your heating bills and will signpost where additional support is available.

For detailed information about the energy efficiency rating of properties across the borough, and to learn more about the Council's plans to improve the housing stock, please refer to the following documents:

Last modified on 23 April 2024

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