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Local land charges

What are your land charges search fees?

Local land charges search fees
Search typeFees
CON29 (including VAT)£210.00 (£175.00 plus £35.00 VAT)
Full search (including LLC1 and CON29) (including VAT)£225.00 (£190.00 plus £35.00 VAT)
Additional charges
Search typeFees
Q22 and rights of way (including VAT)£21.00 (£17.50 plus £3.50 VAT)
Local search (LLC1) additional parcel of landNo charge
Standard enquiries (CON29) additional parcel of land (including VAT)£22.00 (£18.33 plus £3.67 VAT)
Additional enquiries
Search typeFees
Optional enquiry (part 2 - CON29O) (including VAT) (questions 4 to 21)£15.00 (£12.50 plus £2.50 VAT)
Optional enquiry (part 3) (including VAT)£15.00 (£12.50 plus £2.50 VAT)
Personal searches
Search typeFees
Statutory personal search feeNo charge
Additional parcel of landNo charge
Assisted personal search£58.00
Copy of planning permission notice and other documents£9.50 (£7.92 plus £1.58 VAT)
Last modified on 17 April 2023

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