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Selling your empty home

There are several ways to sell your property:

  • sell it yourself
  • sell it through an estate agent
  • sell it to the Borough Council
  • sell it at auction

Most people sell their property through an estate agent; they can provide advice on its value, the best ways to sell and suggest ways to attract buyers.

Ask three reputable estate agents to visit the property to give you a valuation and their professional opinion on its sale. 

You should compare your ideas with their advice and choose the option that seems best for you.

Information on the services of estate agents can be obtained from the National Association of Estate Agents (opens new window) website or through a local online search. 

The Borough Council is looking to purchase properties which meet a specific need. If you would like to explore this option, you should contact the Empty Homes Officer. The Borough Council will then:

  • assess whether the property is suitable for our needs
  • arrange for a survey and valuation of your property
  • assess whether the property is a viable option for us
  • negotiate a sale with you

When selling to the Borough Council there is no need to appoint an estate agent but you will need a solicitor. Where possible, the Borough Council can proceed the sale in as little as six weeks.

The Borough Council is also in contact with several different organisations and charities looking for properties in the borough, either residential or those that can be converted. When you make contact, we can advise whether your property will meet their criteria, advise contact details and next steps.

Auctioning your property may also be an option for you, particularly if the property requires renovation. The Auction houses section contains further information on this process and links to organisations offering this service.

Last modified on 08 April 2024

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