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Certificate of lawful use or development (existing or proposed)

National validation checklist requirements: Certificate of lawful use or development (existing or proposed)
DocumentsWhen requiredGuidance
Application formAll applicationsStart an online application in the Planning Portal (opens new window).
Correct feeAll applicationsSee Planning Portal fee calculator (opens new window).
EvidenceAll applications

Such evidence verifying the information in the application as can be provided and such other information considered to be relevant to the application.

Applicants should be aware that it is up to the applicant to produce the evidence in support of the application. If the applicant has evidence that might tend to disprove the case, the applicant risks prosecution, and revocation of any lawful development certificate granted, if he or she withholds it.

For information on the process and what evidence is needed to be submitted with a certificate application please see Lawful development certificates (opens new window)

Location planAll applications

Usually to a scale 1:1250 or 1:2500, based on an up to date map with a solid red line outlining the site in question and a blue line indicating adjacent/nearby land within the same ownership and a north point.

The red line should include all land to which the application for a certificate of lawful use (existing or proposed) relates. Where the certificate relates to a particular part of a building the red line plan should clearly indicate the areas to which the application relates in red on floor plans. Where the application specifies two or more uses, operations or other matters, the plan which accompanies the application shall indicate to which part of the land or building each such use, operation or matter relates. Ideally the location plan will be on A4 paper only, or included on other plans accompanying the application.

Last modified on 24 August 2022

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