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Local validation checklist and planning application forms

The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015 (opens new window) (as amended) sets out the national information requirements for planning applications, known as the national list. All planning applications must be accompanied by the information set out in the national list, otherwise they cannot be validated and the process for deciding the application will not commence.

In addition to the national list, the Council has adopted a local list. The local list clarifies what information is usually required for applications of a particular type, scale or location. The requirements for each type of application are set out in the pages below. 

When we receive planning applications, we check to see that we have all the information we need to determine an application, and that the plans, certificates and fees are correct. This process is referred to as the validation of the application and it is recommended that everything required has been completed prior to submission to ensure the application is passed to a planning officer without delay.

If a scheme is acceptable and permission is granted, then planning conditions may be imposed requiring the submission of further information. Further applications to discharge these conditions, for which a fee is payable, need to be submitted. Submitting the additional information from the outset - at the planning application stage - in order to avoid the submission of further details later that may hold up your development, may be prudent and should be considered. Areas in which information can be provided beforehand to prevent conditions being applied are listed in the local validation checklist guidance (PDF) [288KB] (opens new window)

In addition to the specific policy references included within the application pages below, some policies (within the borough-level Local Plan documents and the neighbourhood plans), include their own specific requirements. It is therefore recommended that, in addition to the requirements set out in these pages, the requirements of the relevant policies are submitted with applications. This ensures that applications can be validated upon submission, and appropriate levels of information are submitted to demonstrate compliance with policy and/or why an exception to policy should be considered.

The validation checklist requirements for each type of application, along with the appropriate application forms, are set out below. Please ensure you read the validation checklist requirements as well as the  local validation checklist guidance (PDF) [288KB] (opens new window) before proceeding to submit any application to the Council. 

Last modified on 04 May 2022

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