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Planning obligations and developer contributions

Planning obligations (also known as Section 106 agreements/obligations) are legal obligations related to planning permissions that require developers to undertake certain works or make financial contributions in order to mitigate the impacts of the development proposed. Planning obligations are most frequently used on residential developments where the new dwellings will lead to additional impacts on local infrastructure and require provision of affordable housing in line with local planning policies. Policy GSP8 of the Local Plan Part 2 (opens new window) sets out the types of infrastructure and facilities which may be secured through planning obligations. 

Where planning obligations are required, a Section 106 planning obligations statement including draft head(s) of terms should be submitted with the planning application. More information is available on our local validation checklist

Most residential developments will need to make a financial contribution towards habitat mitigation in order to meet the requirements of the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 (opens new window). More detail on these requirements can be found on the habitats regulations assessment guidance and forms page.

Norfolk County Council's planning obligations (opens new window) page details their likely requirements for planning obligations.

Infrastructure Funding Statement

Regulation 121A of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulations 2019, requires any "contribution receiving authority" to publish an Infrastructure Funding Statement. The Infrastructure Funding Statement sets out how the amount of developer contributions secured through planning obligations and the amount spent on delivering infrastructure. Great Yarmouth only reports on the obligations it has secured. Norfolk County Council also secure obligations from developments permitted in Great Yarmouth. These are reported in Norfolk County Council's Infrastructure Funding Statement (opens new window)

The Infrastructure Funding Statement for previous years have been published in the Council's Annual monitoring report

The Infrastructure Funding Statement for year ending 2022 can be viewed on the Infrastructure funding statement page. 

Spending of developer contributions on public open space

The Council has had planning policies in place for many years which require developers of new housing developments to provide new open space on-site or make financial contributions towards the provision of open space off-site. The most recent incarnation of that policy is Policy H4 in the Council's Local Plan Part 2 (opens new window) and this is supported by the Open Space Supplementary Planning Document.

Most contributions received are from small-scale development and as such are pooled to create larger funds which can then deliver improvements to open spaces. 

Each year the Council will invite bids and ideas from Parish Councils, sports groups, and other community groups, for the spending of this money, in line with the priorities identified in the Open Space Needs Assessment and the Playing pitch and outdoor sports strategy .

Between 7 August and 7 November 2023 the Council is inviting bids and project ideas from these groups. For details on how to put forward a project, please contact the Strategic Planning team

As of July 2023 the following sums of money are available for spend on open space:
AreaType of open spaceSum availableFunds include an element of up to 40% to be spent on ongoing maintenance depending on the nature of the project
BradwellAll types of open space£44,895No
Caister and Ormesby St MargaretAll types of open space£140,023Yes
GorlestonAll types of open space within Gorleston (originating from development in St Andrews Ward)£64Yes
Sports Equipment and Play Equipment within five kilometres of former Claydon High School site (Mayflower Way) (Claydon Ward)£58,352Yes
All types of open space within the locality of Burgh Road (Claydon Ward)£4,599No
All types of open space within Claydon Ward£14,338Yes
All types of open space within the locality of Magdalen Square (Magdalen Ward)£8,161Yes
Great YarmouthAll types of open space (originating from development in Central and Northgate Ward)£11,043Yes
Outdoor sports facilities serving Great Yarmouth and neighbouring settlements£4,924Yes

Play space serving Central and Northgate Ward

Informal amenity space serving Central and Northgate Ward£1,988Yes
All types of open space within the locality of Southtown (Southtown and Cobholm Ward)£2,779No
All types of open space within the locality of Cobholm (Southtown and Cobholm Ward)£627No
Play space serving Nelson Ward£293Yes
Allotments serving Nelson Ward£42Yes
HoptonAll types of open space£29,470No
MarthamAll types of open space£66,642Yes
Ormesby St. MargaretAll types of open space£5,936No
RollesbyAll types of open space£5,319Yes
Borough-wideAccessible natural greenspace£5,031Yes
Last modified on 14 August 2023

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