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Guidance on how to apply to transfer a premises licence

These guidance notes, issued on behalf of Great Yarmouth Borough Council, are intended to provide further information to applicants to enable them to submit an application that complies with the provisions of the Licensing Act 2003 and the associated regulations. However, these notes do not constitute a full statement of the law.

What is a premises licence?

A premises licence issued under the Licensing Act 2003 will be issued to either one or more individuals or a person other than an individual, e.g. a company. If the person(s) carrying on the business at the premises change, it will be necessary to transfer the existing licence into the name(s) of those persons who will in future be connected with the premises.

How do I apply for the licence?

To transfer a premises licence you must apply to Great Yarmouth Borough Council as follows:

  1. Complete the application form. Please note that the application must be in the name of the person(s) wishing to hold the premises licence. The person completing the form must have the authority to do so. Please specify if you wish the change to take immediate effect or if not enter the date from when the transfer is to be effective. You must also enclose the current premises licence. If you cannot do so, you must explain why.
  2. You must obtain the consent of the existing licence holder(s) and their name(s) will need to be entered on the application form. In addition, they will need to give their consent to the transfer and must complete the form provided for this purpose which must accompany the application. If you cannot obtain the consent of the existing licence holder(s), you must explain why this has not been possible. Please note that consent is not necessary in two specific cases. Firstly, if the applicant is the holder of the premises licence by the way of an interim authority and is merely seeking permanent transfer of that licence into their name. Secondly, if the applicant has taken all reasonable steps to obtain consent and is in a position to use the premises immediately for the licensable activities authorised by the existing licence.
  3. The completed application form, consent form and premises licence (if any) must be sent to the licensing authority as follows:
    Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Licensing Team, Town Hall, Great Yarmouth NR30 2QF (or emailed to
    The fee for transfer of a premises licence is £23. Cheques must be made payable to 'Great Yarmouth Borough Council'. Payment can also be made by phone (debit/credit cards) on 01493 846117 or via the Council's website. Please quote the name of the premises when making payment.
  4. At the same time as submitting your application to the licensing authority, you must also submit a copy of the application to the police and to the Home Office at the following addresses:

    Norfolk Constabulary Licensing Team
    Bethel Street Police Station
    Bethel Street
    NR2 1NN

    Home Office Immigration Enforcement
    Alcohol Licensing Team
    Lunar House
    40 Wellesley Road
    CR9 2BY
  5. If the premises is one where the existing licence authorises the sale of alcohol and you wish the transfer to take immediate effect, at the same time as submitting the application to the licensing authority and the police, you must also give notice of the application to the existing designated premises supervisor (if any), so they are aware of your application. If your application to transfer is granted, you must also notify the designated premises supervisor of the transfer.

How long will it take for my application to be processed?

Provided you have sent all the necessary information required for your application to be considered, have submitted the relevant fee, and sent a copy of your application to the police, it will take at least 14 days to process your application. We may liaise with the police concerning your application as they have the right under certain circumstances to object to the granting of a licence. If this happens, we will contact you. If no objection is made, we will process your application and issue your licence.

Important information about gaming machine permits

If there are currently more than two gaming machines installed at the premises and a gaming machine permit is held by the previous licence holder, it is possible to transfer the permit into the new licence holder's name. This involves returning the current gaming machine permit and submitting an application for transfer and fee of £25 to the Licensing Team, Town Hall, Great Yarmouth.

If the premises currently has two or less gaming machines, and the previous licence holder was issued with a notification to this effect from the Council, this notification cannot be transferred. The new licence holder should apply for a new notification. This involves submitting an application and fee of £50, to the Licensing Team, Town Hall, Great Yarmouth.

If you require either of the above application forms, please contact the Licensing Team on 01493 846530 or email

Last modified on 08 April 2024

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