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Household waste collection from April 2024

From 1 April 2024 the dates for household waste collection will be changing.

Please note that the new dates will be available to view online from Thursday, and letters will arrive this week confirming next collection. Please wait for your letter to arrive as our telephone team are unable to assist with collection day queries.

Frequently asked questions

Why are the collection rounds changing?

We are introducing communal areas into our Household Waste and Recycling Alternative Weekly Collection rounds to make the service more efficient, and also allow for housing growth within the borough. Please continue to present your bin for 6:30am on your scheduled collection day as there will be a change in the time we arrive at your house.

I'm having to wait longer than usual for my collection, what do I do with my extra waste?

Some properties will receive collections closer together and some further apart during the transition in April. If you have extra waste, we will collect side waste on your next collection. This should be no more than 2 bags per 7 days of extra delay for the average family.

Will you return to collect bins for those customers who have failed to read their letter and present their bin on the new collection day?

We do not have the resources to return for bins not presented.  It is the resident's responsibility to present the bin by 6.30am on collection day. 

How can I find out my collection day if I have misplaced my letter?

You can use our waste collection day calendar or call us on 01493 801750.

Where will formal complaints need to be directed to?

The Customer Service Team will deal with customers who are generally unhappy with these changes including escalations.

However please send formal complaints to

I have medical waste, what do I do with the extra?

If your clinical waste is blood borne and therefore collected by our contractors this will not change.  If you have clinical waste that is usually double bagged and placed in your bin, please store additional waste and put out alongside your bin on collection day.

Will I get help with extra waste if I am on Assisted Collection?

If you are registered for Assisted Collections and have extra waste, we will collect side waste.

My bin was presented but has been missed?

If your bin has been missed on the new collections, please report it online or call 01493 801750.  Please note you cannot report a bin as missed until the day after missed collection.

Will I have the same collection crew?

We will be adopting the most efficient routes possible therefore crew changes are highly likely although some areas may not see a crew change.

My crew get my bin out for me (Assisted Collection) what will happen if there is a crew change?

Providing you have completed the Assisted Collection Application From and meet criteria you will still receive assistance with your bin.  If the crew currently assist you but you haven't completed a form and fit the criteria you should complete one as soon as possible.  Request form on 01493 801750

Last modified on 25 March 2024

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