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Tenancy policy

1. Introduction

  1. 1. Introduction

    1. 1.1. This policy covers the tenancies offered by Great Yarmouth Borough Council (GYBC) and sets out the Council's approach to the provision of tenancies and mutual exchanges within its own housing stock.
    2. 1.2.GYBC owns and manages 5787 Council dwellings as well as providing services to 367 leaseholders. GYBC is the largest Registered Provider of Social Housing within the Borough of Great Yarmouth, with the next largest provider managing around 400 properties.
    3. 1.3. The Council aims to manage its properties to the benefit of all tenants and to ensure that tenancies are sustainable.
    4. 1.4. GYBC believes that sustainable tenancies are created by allocating the right property to the right tenants and by ensuring the appropriate management of tenancies. We will work with our Housing Options Team to ensure that all new tenants are allocated properties that maximise the opportunity to create a sustainable tenancy.
Last modified on 18 January 2024

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