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Public Art Trail Commission - design brief


Great Yarmouth is an ancient settlement, with a rich heritage that varies from nearby roman ruins that emphasises the value of the waterways, to medieval town walls that demonstrated the wealth and importance of the north-sea port, to the architecture and planning of an eighteenth-century seaside resort. The town has a rich maritime heritage and fishing industry and acted as a port for exports to London and beyond for centuries of trade. It is one of the most important historic towns on the east coast of England.

The Market Place is the heart of the town and is a significant open space surrounded on all sides by historic buildings and a town wall. It is entered to the west by a series of narrow alleyways called 'Rows' which form a medieval street pattern, each with names that are reflective of events and uses for example Body Snatchers and Kitty Witches Row. These names are historic and have been preserved through the efforts of the Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust.

Testament to Yarmouth's entertainment heritage and development as a seaside resort in the eighteenth century, the current cultural scene sees a valuable contribution from circus, outdoor performance, and the arts. Our place-based brand is 'Our Place is Your Stage'. Amongst other demographics, the town is recognised as having a relatively large international population - including a Portuguese community in the area. As a port town, Great Yarmouth has historical precedent for welcoming new and diverse communities into the country, learning from and sharing in their cultures.

The town is now a proponent of renewable energy and plays host to offshore wind turbines. These are landmarks in themselves and provide the town with a strong and growing offshore maintenance supply chain, bringing in hi-tech jobs within the re-designed outer harbour.

Last modified on 02 October 2023

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