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Sanctuary Scheme

How do I refer onto the Sanctuary Scheme?

Quick exit to Google We can only consider referrals with full consent of the person being referred.  All referrals should be made directly to the Sanctuary scheme co-coordinator. Self-referrals are accepted and referral from any agency.

If the applicant is not felt to be suitable for Sanctuary Scheme measures, the referring agency will be informed in writing.

What does the referral process involve?

Once a referral is received, we will make contact to arrange an appointment to assess if the Sanctuary Scheme can offer you the protection required. During this appointment the Sanctuary Coordinator will ask for more detailed information about you and the history of abuse. This appointment will help determine if the Sanctuary will be appropriate for you.

If it is assessed the Sanctuary Scheme can offer a satisfactory level of protection, we will need to carry out a survey of your property to assess what safety measures are required.

We aim to install safety measures within 72 hours of the survey being completed.

Last modified on 18 October 2023

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