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Sanctuary Scheme

Introduction to the Sanctuary Scheme

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Great Yarmouth Borough Councils Sanctuary Scheme aims to help victim survivors of domestic abuse to remain in their own homes and feel safe after the perpetrator has been removed. This is done by providing security measures to a property such as reinforced doors and video surveillance, we call this 'target hardening'.

Sanctuary Scheme is not an emergency measure and if you are at risk during the process then temporary alternative accommodation should be sought whilst Sanctuary measures are put in place. An allocated domestic abuse advisor will be able to explore options with you.

What to expect from the Sanctuary Scheme

The Sanctuary Scheme is tailored to accommodate individual needs and circumstances. The security recommendations may include the following:

  • additional locks on doors and windows
  • re-enforced exterior doors
  • fire safety equipment
  • video doorbells or CCTV.

If your referral is accepted, there is no cost to you for Sanctuary Scheme measures.


Last modified on 21 November 2023

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