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Housing benefit overpayments

Will you expect me to pay the money back?

  • Yes, if it was your fault that we overpaid you, for example you did not tell us about an increase in your income
  • Yes, if it was not our fault. For example, you got a backdated pay rise and you could not have told us about it any earlier or perhaps you got a pay rise in June that was backdated to April. We would work out your benefit again from April using the higher wage which could create an overpayment 2 of 3
  • Yes, even if it was our fault, if you could have realised we were overpaying you. For example, if you get a pay rise you should expect your benefit to go down. If your benefit hasn't changed you should realise that something is wrong and let us know
  • No, if it's not our fault and you could not have realised you were getting too much benefit
Last modified on 31 October 2023

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