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Other pests

If you are having problems with bats, red squirrels and snakes you can get information on GOV.UK (opens new window).

The Fox Project (opens new window) offers advice if you are having problems with foxes.

Contact Defra on 03459 335577 for help with grey squirrels.

If you are a private or privately rented property having issues with bedbugs please contact a reputable pest control service that is able to identify the insects as bedbugs and advise on the best course of action. 

Brown-tail moth

The brown-tail moth (Euproctis chrysorrhoea) is a fairly common pest within South East England. It can infest any number of trees and shrubs, eating all the leaves of the tree or shrub.

In the spring, the caterpillars emerge from their silken tents to feed and will drop to the ground. They release hairs that can irritate the skin or in some cases cause more serious problems.

The best way to control them is to remove the tents in the autumn. However, some pest control businesses will undertake eradication or removal for you. If you choose to do this yourself, you must ensure that your skin and eyes are protected with thick clothing and glasses. To dispose of the pests, the tents can be contained within plastic bags and disposed of in your black bin waste, or you can burn the cuttings directly.

If you get a rash it will normally last two to three days. If the rash persists please contact your doctor.

Last modified on 25 January 2024

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