Pest control

GYB Services, our operational partner, offers some services to control pests in domestic premises - see below for details.

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Can you help me get rid of rats or mice in my home?

GYB Services will visit your home and assess the size of your rodent problem. For £37.50 (excluding VAT) they will visit up to three times, provide poison and advise on any structural amendments that could help.

If a survey shows no treatment is needed, you will be entitled to receive a refund of any fee paid.

Can you help with insect infestations?

GYB Services provide pest control services to clear homes of:

If you have an infestation of brown-tailed moths you should follow the advice in our pdf icon information sheet [136kb].

Can you help with a bee swarm or nest?

GYB Services does not provide a pest control service for any type of bee.

If you have a problem with a honey bees' nest, please see the British Beekeepers Association website for advice plus details of local beekeepers who may collect your honey bees' nest free of charge.

If you are unsure what type of bee you have, you should refer to our pdf icon bee identification guide [1Mb].

What can be done about problem seagulls and pigeons?

If you are having problems with gulls or pigeons you should make your property unwelcome to them, by:

  • Restricting their access to food
  • Bird-proofing the building

It is a criminal offence to kill wild birds without a licence. Licences can only be obtained for certain species under certain circumstances.

Other pests

If you are having problems with bats, red squirrels and snakes you can get information on GOV.UK.

The Fox Project offers advice if you are having problems with foxes.

Contact DEFRA Wildlife Administration Unit on 0845 6014523 for help with grey squirrels.

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