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Estate and garden maintenance

Can I help improve my estate?

Ways in which you can help improve your estate:

  • let us know what you think of work carried out on your estate using our community representative inspection form
  • plant and maintain an area up to one metre in depth from the outside of your home
  • apply for a Small Community Grant (through the Love Clean Streets App under the Improve where you live category) to make your area cleaner, greener or safer - all you need to do is tell us your idea, confirm that your community supports this, give an idea of what you think is needed and what the cost might be for improvements such as:
    • installing a light to make somewhere safer
    • creating a wildflower garden
    • using communal spaces for local gardening
    • simply tidying up a space
  • join or form a tenants and residents group to think about how your area could be improved or to organise social activities
  • become a area voice to help us improve communal areas and identify improvements in your area
Last modified on 21 February 2023

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