Report a street problem

You can tell us about a problem on your street or in your neighbourhood through either:

Additional information around specific problems is given below.

Please note: Some problems, including those with roads and streets (eg potholes and pavements) and drains or drainage, should be reported to other authorities or agencies. See our I need to report a fault page for further information.

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How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

Before reporting a vehicle as abandoned, please check if a vehicle is taxed and has a current MOT certificate - you will need the registration number of the vehicle to use this facility. If a vehicle is in good condition with a valid MOT and vehicle tax, it will not be considered as abandoned and will not be investigated.

If you discover from this online check that a vehicle is not taxed, GOV.UK gives information on how to report an untaxed vehicle anonymously to the DVLA.

A vehicle may be considered abandoned if:

  • It is in poor condition
  • It has been vandalised (eg broken windows, slashed/flat tyres or is burnt out)
  • It is hazardous
  • It has been left in a dangerous position
  • It has not been moved for a long time
  • It does not appear to have an owner

If the vehicle meets some of the above criteria, and you have checked, where possible, its tax and MOT status, complete our Report an abandoned vehicle form.

How do I report fly-tipping?

Inform us via the app or the Love Clean Streets service.

If you see an abandoned shopping trolley you should contact the relevant supermarket, or us at 01493 742200 if it is unidentifiable.

You can also use that number if you see syringes in a public place.

What should I do about graffiti or fly posting?

You should either inform us via our app or the Love Clean Streets service or contact us at 01493 846478 if you see graffiti on council property.

If you see offensive graffiti on private land, you should tell the landowner. Landowners can contact us for advice.

How do I report dog fouling?

If you are aware of offenders responsible for persistent dog fouling, you can inform us via our app or the Love Clean Streets service or contact us at 01493 846478.

We may issue you with an £80 fixed penalty if you do not clear up your dog's waste, or you may be prosecuted in court. Dog waste bags are available from most pet shops and vets.

How do I report a lost or stray dog?

We do not have a dog warden service nor do we have a reception centre where the public can take a dog. Any stray must be secured - either tied up or confined to a garden where it cannot escape - for our contractor to collect it. If this is not done, the contractor will not attend.

You can contact the contractor direct on 01362 858500 or you can contact us on 01493 846478, or 01493 330369 if you are calling out of office hours.

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