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Ending your tenancy and moving out

How much notice do I have to give before moving out of my Council home?

You must give us at least four weeks' notice in writing. If you do not give us this notice, you will be charged four weeks rent after you have handed in the keys. Notice can be given by one or both tenants in the case of a joint tenancy. You can write a letter or use our online ending your tenancy form.

The notice will commence on the Monday after it is received by the Council (served on us) and end four weeks later. This is known as the 'notice period'. Once you have given us notice, we will confirm in writing the date your tenancy will end.

We may arrange to come out and inspect your home before you leave, to check for repairs we need to do and advise you of anything you need to do before you leave. You will be recharged for any clearing or repairs we carry out that are your responsibility, or for any damage or misuse of the property. 

For joint tenants, a valid notice signed by only one tenant will end the tenancy so that: 

  • at the end of the tenancy all occupants must leave the property
  • all keys must be returned by the notice expiry date

All keys must be returned before 5pm on the Monday the notice period ends. If the keys are returned prior to the tenancy ending, rent will still be payable until the tenancy end date.

Last modified on 02 March 2022

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