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Temporary Event Notices (TEN)

What types of events (licensable activities) will I need a TEN for?

You need a TEN for:

  • A performance of a play or dance
  • An exhibition of a film
  • An indoor sporting event
  • A boxing or wrestling entertainment
  • Live and recorded music
  • An event where alcohol is sold or supplied
  • An event where late night refreshment (hot food or drink) is provided after 11pm 

The Live Music Act 2012 (opens new window) gives further information on live music and recorded music at events and the applicable licensing requirements.

You won't need a TEN for a performance of a play or dance held between the hours of 8am and 11pm (provided the audience is less than 500) if this is the only licensable activity.

Community premises (ie church halls, village halls) will not require a TEN for a performance of live music or recorded music provided that:

  • the performance takes place between 8am and 11pm
  • the audience does not exceed 500
  • the organiser gets consent for the performance from a person who is responsible for the premises
Last modified on 25 October 2023

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