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How do I become a Designated Premises Supervisor?

Once you have your Personal Licence you are eligible to become the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) for a licensed premises.

You must sign a consent form (PDF) [158KB] (opens new window)  agreeing to be the person responsible for the premises - the licence holder must submit this consent form with their:

  • Premises Licence Application (for new Premises Licence applications)
  • Vary a DPS application (PDF) [293KB] (opens new window) (for existing Premises Licence holders to replace a DPS who is leaving their employment). The fee to vary a DPS is £23.00. The existing DPS should be notified of the new application, it is not necessary to provide them with a copy of the application form.

Once you become a DPS you must:

  • Tell the Council that issued your Personal Licence if you change your name or move home to keep your Personal Licence up to date
  • Tell the premises licence holder as they will need to update their Premises Licence

If you wish to be removed as the DPS for a premises with immediate effect you must serve a letter on the Council stating this. You must also:

  • Serve a copy of this letter on the premises licence holder and the Police within 48 hours and
  • Ask the licence holder to return their Premises Licence to us so we can update it
Last modified on 02 March 2022

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