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Alcohol and entertainment licences

How do I make changes to my Premises or Club Licence?

If you are planning to make substantial changes (including changing the times you wish to sell alcohol) you must apply for a Full Variation.

The Full Variation follows the same process and has the same fees as a new premises licence application.

Minor Variations

If your changes are less substantial you can use the Minor Variation Process - this is cheaper, easier and quicker than the full variation process.

To apply you must:

We will review your application. If we are concerned that the changes will impact on the licensing objectives we will consult with relevant responsible authorities for advice.

We will take any advice or objections into account when we make our decision (minor variations are not referred to the Licensing Committee).

If we refuse your application for minor changes you can apply for a Full Variation.

Contact the Licensing Team for advice if you are not sure which process to use.

Last modified on 07 December 2022

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