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Advice for private landlords

What checks do I need to carry out before accepting a tenant?

As part of the Immigration Act 2014 (opens new window), the Government is making it a requirement for landlords to check the immigration status of prospective tenants. This Law means that from 1 February 2016, landlords with property in England will have to carry out quick and simple checks, to ensure potential tenants have the right to rent property in the UK.

If a landlord rents to an illegal migrant and has not carried out a correct right to rent check, they could be liable to a civil penalty. This penalty is up to £3,000 per tenant.

  • You must check the tenant's right to rent in the UK. This is for all people within the household if they are over the age of 18, regardless of whether they are on the tenancy agreement, there is no tenancy agreement or the tenancy agreement is not in writing.
  • To find out how to do the checks, refer to the Immigration Right to Rent Check (opens new window) information on GOV.UK for further details.
  • Failure to do relevant checks can result in an unlimited fine or being sent to prison.
Last modified on 22 September 2023

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