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Advice for private landlords

What happens if the tenant has not vacated and the notice has expired?

Please read the Evicting Tenants - Section 21 and Section 8 (opens new window) information on GOV.UK.

After a Section 21 notice has expired, the landlord has to present to court to gain possession. As a landlord, you cannot change the locks of the property or move the tenant out if they still remain in the property after this date. This would be classed as an illegal eviction.

If the tenant moved into the property before October 2015, you can apply for possession of the property via the court at any time from the expiry of the Section 21 notice.

However, if the tenancy commenced after October 2015, the application for possession must be made within six months of the expiration of the Section 21 notice otherwise another Section 21 has to be issued.

Last modified on 22 September 2023

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