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Filming and commercial photography

What are the fees?

Where consent is granted for filming and commercial photography on any locations controlled by the Borough Council, you will charged a fee purely to cover the staff time involved in dealing with your application. In return, you will be granted an official Certificate of Consent from the Borough Council. In addition, the Borough Council reserves the right to charge a reasonable location hire fee for filming and commercial photography. 

With respect to locations which are controlled by other individuals and organisations, you have the option to request from the Borough Council, as place-leadership authority, a Notice of No Objection, to show to the property owner and/or other organisations you might need to liaise with.


The Borough Council has tiered fees, as per the below, for different sized-productions, on the basis that larger productions normally require greater Borough Council support and involvement.

  • Certificate of consent or notice of no objection for commercial photography: £40.50 plus VAT
  • Standard filming fee per each consent certificate or notice of no objection required: £80.00 plus VAT
  • Small feature film fee per each consent certificate or notice of no objection required: £117 plus VAT
  • Large feature film fee - single charge covering all required consent certificates or notices: £556 plus VAT

Note: There is not normally a charge for students and community filming, and non-commercial photography activities. A small feature film is defined as one not requiring road closures/closure of public spaces, lease of property and other special support. A large feature film will require special preparations, such as road closures/closure of public spaces, lease of property, modifications to street furniture, and parking for a unit base.

Last modified on 18 July 2023

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