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Safety in your home

Fire safety

The safety of our residents is our absolute priority and the Council complies with all of its legal responsibilities to keep you safe.

It is a legal requirement that we carry out a fire risk assessment (FRA) for any of our buildings with a communal area. The purpose of an FRA is to help us understand what the potential risks may be and to ensure that we can take the necessary actions to keep you safe in your home. We also carry out regular routine inspections to check all communal areas of our buildings.

The risk assessment will identify fire risks that may be present within your scheme and make recommendations for improvement, if needed. The type of things the assessors will review are:

  • fire alarms and detection
  • emergency lighting
  • fire doors
  • compartmentation
  • signage (in communal areas)

In the event of a fire, please call the Fire Service by dialling 999.

If you live in a block, you will find a fire safety notice and information on your notice board. Please familiarise yourself with the information.

For the safety of everyone:

  • do not wedge fire doors open - remove wedges if you find them
  • do not leave objects on the landing that could be in the way when you try to escape
  • do not store gas cylinders, paraffin or other highly flammable liquids in your home or store
  • do not smoke in communal areas including landings and lifts - it is against the law to do so
  • do not park or block access to blocks of flats - access roads and gates are designed to allow fire appliances to get as close as possible to fight a fire

The Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service (opens new window) provides useful home safety advice.

Last modified on 02 March 2022

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