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Anti-social behaviour toolkit

What support do we offer?

Support for complainants

To support the wellbeing of our communities, the Council takes a strong stance against anti-social behaviour (ASB), where possible and in most cases, through informal actions and by offering support to help people improve their behaviour. 

When a report of ASB is made we:

  • will make regular contact including telephone calls or home visits from a dedicated housing officer
  • will agree how regularly we will contact you to provide updates and support
  • will work closely with other agencies such as Norfolk Police to ensure you have adequate support where appropriate
  • may offer tenancy support to one or both parties to help with sustaining a tenancy and any other issues that may be a cause of behavioural issues or tension

Also, visit our Tenancy support page.

Support for perpetrators

Not all nuisance and ASB is caused deliberately and there can often be many different reasons why a person or a group of people act in an anti-social way. For example, there may be health reasons or personal reasons affecting that person's behaviour.

We only take legal action against those people who cause ASB as a last resort. From an early stage in an investigation our housing officers will try to determine whether those causing ASB need support or intervention to change their behaviour. If support needs are identified, we will work with an individual to assist them to change their behaviour and to stop causing a nuisance to others.

Examples of how we may support perpetrators of ASB to change their behaviour are as follows:

  • referral to a variety of dedicated support agencies such as drug or alcohol support services or health services
  • agree an Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC) or Good Neighbour Agreement (GNA) to record what type of behaviour is not acceptable

Support for witnesses

We aim to protect your neighbourhoods by taking legal action against anyone who is a threat to others, or who has refused to stop acting anti-socially.

As a witness to ASB you can help us take the appropriate action against the perpetrators, including legal action.

Where legal action is taken, we will provide intensive support throughout, including where a case needs to be heard in the courts. We may be able to:

  • arrange pre-trial visits to the courts to familiarise you with the court and what will happen during the trial
  • arrange transport to and from the court on the day of the trial
  • provide a dedicated officer to remain with you throughout your court visit
Last modified on 17 June 2022

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