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Anti-social behaviour toolkit

What is not considered to be anti-social behaviour?

The examples below may sometimes be inconvenient, but are not automatically anti-social behaviour unless persistent:

  • living or domestic noises including:
    • ordinary conversation heard through walls or floors
    • neighbours walking around their home as part of the normal use of their home
    • domestic activities, such as vacuuming or using washing machines, that are being carried out in a reasonable and considerate manner
  • noise from children playing
  • parking disagreements
  • one-off incidents of noise nuisance
  • disputes on social media
  • DIY
  • cooking odours
  • one-off parties
  • barking dogs (for short periods of time)
  • bonfires - please see our What are the laws around bonfires? page for further guidance
Last modified on 14 April 2022

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