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Park rules - Blue Sky Close

Condition of the pitch

  1. 1. For reasons of ventilation and safety you must keep the underneath of your home clear and not use it as a storage space.
  2. 2. You must not erect fences or other means of enclosure unless they are of a regulation height and style that are appropriate for the development, and you have obtained our approval in writing. You must position fences and any other means of enclosure to comply with the park's site licence conditions and fire safety requirements:
    • side fence can be up to 6ft tall, level with the entrance doors
    • from this point the fence can be up to 3ft tall on both sides
    • you may fence in your front garden with a picket style fence up to 3ft tall
    • if required, you may have a return fence on each side boundary (up to 4ft high with 2ft trellis)
  3. 3. Only rotary washing lines are permitted but are to be reasonably screened from public view. Clothes airers should also be screened from public view.
  4. 4. Satellite dishes and TV Aerials must be erected to the rear of your home and out of view.
  5. 5. Where skirting is fitted and is not of brick construction, homeowners should use reasonable endeavours not to depart from the original external construction of the home, and the original external colour-scheme. Consideration should be given to providing access points and good ventilation.
  6. 6. Trees, shrubs, and fences that may form part of the boundary of the whole park must not be cut, cut down or removed.
  7. 7. You must not have external fires, including incinerators; portable barbeques for the cooking of food are permitted.
  8. 8. You must not keep inflammable substances on the park except in quantities reasonable for domestic use.
  9. 9. You must not keep explosive substances on the park.
Last modified on 16 October 2023

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