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Hemsby and coastal erosion - frequently asked questions

Why hasn't Great Yarmouth Borough Council applied to the Environment Agency for funding for the 1.3km rock berm for which it has planning permission?

To attract funding, any scheme must have gone through all the necessary consents and feasibility studies to end up with a design required for an outline business case (OBC).

The scheme identified as being technically viable for Hemsby is a rock berm. To successfully submit an OBC, full partnership funding must also be in place. Unfortunately, the scheme has been unable to attract the partnership funding required, despite the continued lobbying. Due to inflation and the economic climate, the cost of the proposed berm has significantly escalated during this period and is now estimated to be approximately £20m.  The maximum funding available from the Environment Agency has been estimated at only £2m and this may now have reduced further.

The primary source of funding for the proposed work would be via a Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Grant-in-Aid (FCERMGiA) from the Environment Agency and the amount of funding available depends on the number of assets (mainly residential properties) that would benefit from a reduced risk of erosion once the scheme is completed. Currently, schemes of this cost and scale would only attract FCERMGiA where hundreds of homes are at risk. The construction type or permanence of properties has no bearing on the level of funding.

Last modified on 05 January 2024

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