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Hemsby and coastal erosion - frequently asked questions

Does the Newport Cottages Conservation Area mean this part of Hemsby will receive additional protection from potential erosion?

The Newport Cottages Conservation Area was created after the buildings were assessed in 2013 as having regional significance. The Conservation Area Status lends the cottages some protection from unsympathetic change from development proposals.

As part of the designation, Great Yarmouth Borough Council has a statutory duty in the context of planning application proposals to pay special attention to the desirability of preserving or enhancing the special character or appearance of the area.

However, in this context, the duty relates primarily to future development proposals. It is primarily concerned with ensuring - from a development management point of view - that new development does not detract from the character of the Conservation Area.

The Council's duties and obligations related to planning issues at the site are outlined in the 1990 Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act.

Last modified on 17 January 2024

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