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Data protection policy


Data Protection Legislation requires all public authorities to designate a Data Protection Officer. The Data Protection Officer for Great Yarmouth Borough Council is involved in matters which relate to the protection of personal data and is required to monitor compliance, provide advice and to cooperate/communicate with the Regulator as required. In the absence of the Data Protection Officer there will be a duly designated person or persons who will deputise.

The Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) is responsible for ensuring information assurance controls are in place.

The Executive Leadership Team is responsible for developing and encouraging robust information handling practices within the Council.

Data champions have been nominated from across the Council who have received additional training and help to ensure that all the Council services maintain our high standards.

Beyond this, compliance with Data Protection Legislation is the responsibility of everyone that processes personal data on behalf of the Council. The Council, through its staff, Members and authorised third parties, is responsible for ensuring that any personal data is processed in accordance with Data Protection Legislation.

Last modified on 28 July 2022

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