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Neighbour nuisance

What are the laws around bonfires?

Domestic Burning

There are no smoke control orders or laws banning people from burning garden waste on their own land in the borough of Great Yarmouth, providing the materials being burnt are not associated with a business activity. 

However, instead of a bonfire, there are more environmentally friendly ways to dispose of waste:

Household rubbish, and any products containing plastic, rubber, foam or paint, should not be burnt.  For more Guidance on Bonfires, please see the links below:

If your neighbour has regular bonfires and you are being significantly affected by the smoke, you can contact us.

Commercial Burning

Any waste produced through commercial activities is considered to be business waste and must be handled safely and within the law.  Businesses are not permitted to burn any waste unless they have a valid exemption certificate or permit from the Environment Agency.

The only waste businesses can burn in the open (i.e on a bonfire) is waste plant tissue or untreated wood at the place where it is produced.  This requires a D7 waste exemption from the Environment Agency - businesses must comply with the exemption conditions and ensure they do not cause a statutory nuisance.

The burning of waste on a bonfire or in an appliance on trade premises which produces smoke, is a separate offence under the Clean Air Act 1993.

Please be aware that a person or company that burns waste without holding a relevant exemption certificate or permit, may be prosecuted. A person convicted of a duty of care offence is liable to an unlimited fine.

For more information on the disposal of commercial waste,please follow the link below:

Last modified on 05 December 2023

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