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Community safety

How do I report anti-social behaviour?

We deal with reports of:

  • excessive noise
  • aggressive, threatening or hateful language
  • litter, graffiti or dumped rubbish
  • abandoned cars or nuisance from vehicles
  • problems caused by animals, including dog fouling
  • anti-social behaviour as a result of misuse of drugs or alcohol

We would not investigate the following under anti-social behaviour:

  • normal domestic living noise
  • domestic/commercial CCTV systems
  • children playing, including football games in public spaces
  • access/egress and boundary disputes
  • disputes over allocated parking bays
  • parking outside schools, on pavements or parking on the highway
  • animals urinating
  • odour, smoke or fumes from cannabis or other illegal substances
  • neighbours looking at you or not getting on with you
  • criminal offences (which are not an environmental crime)

If you are a Council tenant, you should contact your local Housing Officer to report anti-social behaviour.

If you own your own property, are in private rented accommodation or are a business, you should contact our Environmental Health team.

If you have witnessed vandalism please contact the Norfolk Constabulary (opens new window) directly, if you just wish to report vandalism, please contact the company that owns the vandalised object such as BT or Adshell.

Last modified on 12 June 2024

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