Community safety

We work closely with the Police, Norfolk County Council and other groups to improve community safety in the Borough.

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How do you deal with hate crime?

You can report hate crime online, by calling the police, or by contacting or visiting any of our offices, where staff can help you make a report. Information will be treated confidentially and in addition to helping to make the report, staff can help to signpost you to support services.  

Where can I get help about domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse means any threats, violence, controlling or coercive behaviour that takes place between family members or people aged over 16 who are in a relationship with each other (or have been in the past).

Family members are defined as mother, father, sister, brother and grandparents; whether directly related, in-laws or step family.

Domestic abuse can happen regardless of social group, class, age, race, disability or sexuality of the individuals involved.

Domestic abuse can affect both men and women, and it can occur in any relationship - heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual; young or old.

It is a pattern of behaviour used by abusers designed to establish and maintain power and control over another person.

Phone 999 and ask for the Police if you are in immediate danger.  

Domestic Abuse Information - this link takes you to information on who can help, local support services, advice on safety planning plus information on how to identify whether you or someone else is a perpetrator of abuse and where to get help with those behaviours.   

Great Yarmouth Borough Council supports the Norfolk "#IWalkedAway" campaign and the national White Ribbon campaign. The Council will:

  • Work closely with other services to provide victims and survivors with the help they need, when they need it
  • Encourage victims / survivors to make their own decisions and offer support as they find ways to build a safe future for themselves and their families
  • Recognise that issues surrounding abusive relationships are complex and long-standing and may not easily be solved
  • Share resources and expertise and continue to develop and improve the services already provided

Everyone deserves a life free from abuse.  No excuses, no exceptions.

How do I report antisocial behaviour?

We deal with reports of:

  • Excessive noise
  • Aggressive, threatening or hateful language
  • Litter, graffiti or dumped rubbish
  • Abandoned cars or nuisance from vehicles
  • Problems caused by animals, including dog fouling
  • Anti-social behaviour as a result of misuse or drugs or alcohol

If you are a Council tenant, you should contact your local Housing Officer to report antisocial behaviour.

If you own your own property, are in private rented accommodation or are a business, you should contact our Environmental Health team.

I'm not happy with how you dealt with my antisocial behaviour issues - what should I do?

You can ask for your case to be looked at again through the Community Trigger scheme. To apply, email Norfolk Constabulary or call them on 101 and ask for the ASB coordinator for Great Yarmouth.

Who should I contact out of office hours?

Call us on our emergency number at 01493 330369. You could also check the Crimestoppers website or the Victim Support website for support and information.

What is a Public Spaces Protection Order?

The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 introduced simpler, more effective powers to tackle anti-social behaviour that provide better protection for victims and communities.

One of the powers introduced is Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs). This allows local authorities to tackle anti-social behaviour happening in public places such as beaches, parks, streets, recreation grounds and play areas. It can be used to tackle behaviours that most reasonable people would think are not appropriate in a public place - for example, not clearing up dog fouling or behaviour associated with drinking such as littering, public urination and intimidating behaviour. Everyone should be able to enjoy and make use of the public spaces in the Borough responsibly and without causing a nuisance to other people.

Details of PSPOs currently in force can be viewed under Public Space Protection Orders while details of related public consultations can be viewed under Consultations (Have Your Say)

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