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Council Tax Overview and Paying

If I receive Universal Credit, does this affect my instalment payment plan?

Yes it can. Every change in your income that affects the amount of Universal Credit you are awarded is reported to us on a monthly basis by the Department for Work and Pensions. However small the change in your income is, your Council Tax Reduction is recalculated and a new bill is produced. This will also keep changing your Council Tax instalments to a future date.

If you receive amended Council Tax bills regularly, in order to keep up to date with your Council Tax payments and prevent building up arrears, please do the following:

  • Pay the instalment and amount due on the date shown on the bill prior to the new bill you have recently received
  • Then move onto the new payment amount and instalment dates from your new bill

If you have any queries please contact Customer Services on 01493 846244.

Last modified on 02 March 2022

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