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Street parties


The Council believes that most small street parties do not 'require' public liability insurance, although we may 'recommend' it. The risks at a small street party are very low and the cost of insurance is a block for residents.

If you think insurance would be a good idea, have a look at the advice on The Street Party Site (opens new window) and The Big Lunch (opens new window) websites and shop around. The Big Lunch has negotiated special rates for street party insurance starting at just £28, which can be split between people attending, or you could ask for donations to cover the costs.

Larger public events would need insurance. Where applicable the use of conditions and disclaimer/indemnity clauses should be considered. We would advise that you request details of insurance cover for any equipment that is hired or services to be provided, e.g. bouncy castles/entertainer.

Last modified on 28 May 2022

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