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Register for housing: frequently asked questions

What about my existing housing application?

  • When you submit your new online application, it will be considered against the new Housing Allocations Scheme which means for a small number of applicants that they may no longer be eligible or qualify to join the Housing Register when it goes live on 6 March 2023. If you do qualify, you may have a different priority for housing than you do now. If you are unhappy with a decision made under the new Housing Allocations Scheme, you can request a review of the decision. See page 19 of the policy document available on the Housing allocations scheme 2021 page for more information.
  • As long as you submit your new online application by 23:59 on the 3 March 2023, your original date of application will be your Relevant Date. Where on review of your reapplication it is determined you are now entitled to a different level of priority to that currently awarded, the date you submitted your online application will be used as your Relevant Date unless the Housing Allocation Scheme shows another Relevant Date would apply.
  • You will not lose your original application date as long as you submit your online application before 23:59 on 3 March 2023. If you submit an online application after this time and date, you will have a new Relevant Date.
  • The new Housing allocations scheme 2021 policy document provides further information.
  • Due to the changes in the allocations scheme, some applicants who previously qualified may no longer qualify and if so, their housing application will be cancelled from 5 March 2023.
Last modified on 12 December 2022

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