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Records management policy


The Council holds records in a variety of formats, including electronic, paper, microfiche and video recording formats, all of which will be stored in a suitable manner taking account of the type of record.

Paper storage

Paper documentation will be stored appropriately according to the level of security required. The Council office has controlled access, which provides security for all on-site Council documentation. Furthermore, the Council runs a Clear Desk Policy.

No paper documents must be put into storage without being given a reference number and the contents of the stored documents referenced on a database with a review / destruction date. 

Approval to store any paper document off site must be obtained from the Information Governance Lead & Data Protection Officer, no documents are permitted to be stored offsite without this approval.     

Risks will be considered and personal or sensitive data will have the appropriate additional security measures, which may include storing personal data in a lockable cabinet, in a lockable drawer or in a secure archiving storage facility.

Electronic storage

A back-up of all electronic Council data is kept in accordance with the Council's IT Back-up Policy. The Council has robust electronic information security and technical measures in place which are regularly reviewed and updated.

The following issues must be considered when storing documents electronically:

Consideration when storing documents electronically

Storage questions

Steps to consider

Who has access to the personal data, sensitive personal data or confidential documentation?

Ensure that access is controlled and limited to only those who need access.

Ensure that should you be absent or leave your role that the records do not become inaccessible.

What technical and security measures are in place?

Ensure that there are sufficient technical and security measures in place to prevent a breach.

Last modified on 08 May 2024

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