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Records management policy


This Records Management Policy sets out Great Yarmouth Borough Council's commitment to ensuring a systematic, lawful and authorised way of maintaining, storing, sharing, disposing and otherwise processing all its records.

This policy is in place in accordance with recommendations in the Information Commissioner's Section 46 Records Management Code of Practice which sets out Guidance for public authorities. This policy recognises that Council information and records are key corporate assets.

Retention guidelines are an important part of records management based on relevant legislation (including the Limitation Act 1980 and subject specific statutes, e.g. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974), good practice and business need. Great Yarmouth Borough Council regularly reviews its retention guidelines in consideration of the Records Management Society of Great Britain.

Adherence to this policy will ensure that records are accurate, reliable and accessible and will further ensure that the necessary processes are in place to:

  • ensure we operate effectively as a local council
  • ensure we are compliant with data protection legislation (defined at paragraph 3) and all other applicable legislation
  • provide an open and transparent service
  • carry out our business in a systematic, consistent and organised manner
  • ensure data is stored securely and kept for no longer than is necessary
  • carry out disposal in an authorised and appropriate manner
  • ensure cost effectiveness is considered
  • provide an audit trail to meet business, regulatory and legal requirements

This Records Management Policy has been produced to assist officers within Great Yarmouth Borough Council with the management, retention, storage, sharing and disposal of Council records.

Last modified on 05 May 2022

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