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Your tenancy agreement

What happens if a secure tenant breaches their tenancy agreement?

If you breach the agreement, an officer will review the matter with you, consider any support you require to sustain your tenancy, and be clear on the change of behaviour required.

In very serious cases, or where you fail to adhere to your tenancy conditions despite repeated requests, we may take formal legal actions against you. This could include:

  • taking possession of your home 
  • an injunction
  • demotion of your tenancy
  • other legal remedies

A demotion of tenancy may be applied if you commit anti-social behaviour. Demoted tenants have similar rights to introductory tenants and can be evicted if they continue to be anti-social. A demotion order usually lasts for 12 months and if there are no more breaches you will become a secure tenant again.

Last modified on 03 March 2022

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