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Your tenancy agreement

What are my responsibilities as a tenant?

We want your time living with us to be as enjoyable as possible. As one of our tenants, you have certain responsibilities that can be found in your tenancy agreement, with some of them outlined below. Please read your tenancy agreement carefully to make sure you know your responsibilities.

Responsibilities of the tenant

On signing your tenancy agreement, you are pledging to:

  • pay your rent and any other charges on time
  • live in harmony with your neighbours
  • be respectful to our staff and contractors
  • keep the inside of your home in good order and report any repairs promptly
  • give us access to your home, when necessary, so that our contractors can undertake any essential repairs, such as your annual gas safety check (if applicable)
  • maintain your private garden and fences (if you have them)
  • give us 28 days written notice if you want to end your tenancy

Responsibilities of the landlord (the Council)

As your landlord, the Council will:

  • help you to live peacefully in your home
  • complete any necessary repairs to your home within the timescale we promise
  • keep your communal areas well maintained (if you pay a service charge for your property)
  • allow you to exchange homes with another council tenant, or a tenant of a housing association, if your tenancy agreement allows and you have our written permission
  • provide general information on the housing services we provide
  • give you the right to complain if we have not delivered any aspect of our service
  • give you access to any information we hold about you
  • consult you on any changes to your rent or service charges
Last modified on 03 March 2022

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