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Domestic Abuse policy

6. Council advice and services

  1. 6. Council advice and services

    1. 6.1. The Council is the largest landlord in the borough. Through provisioning a homelessness support, housing advice and other inter-related customer-facing services, the Council's staff can provide the following support:
      • DASH Assessments (Domestic Abuse, Stalking, Harassment and Honour Based Violence Assessment) - Completed with every individual who approaches the Council to ascertain the level of risk to the individual
      • Safe Home Scheme - Refer persons at risk and survivors to our 'Sanctuary Scheme' to consider target hardening measures on the property to support them to remain in the home
      • Accommodation - Provide emergency accommodation if resident unable to stay in their home
      • Support - Report safeguarding concerns and provide referrals to refuge spaces and liaise other agencies/charities to provide support where required
Last modified on 13 December 2023

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