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What can I do if my neighbours are smoking Cannabis?

Can I call the police?

It is not legal for people to smoke Cannabis in their own homes or on other privately owned property. If you are worried about your neighbours smoking Cannabis you can call the police. The police will keep your identity a secret if you do not want your neighbours to know that you have reported them.

You can report a non-emergency crime to the police by:

In Great Yarmouth the police tackle cannabis usage or possessions with Community Resolutions or Conditional Cautions. However, the Police may not always be able to actively investigate all reports of cannabis usage. In part this is because current Case Law does not allow searches based on smell alone.  Even if police cannot investigate your report, they do use reports to identify areas for patrols or to help identify patterns of offending. If more than one household is affected by a neighbour smoking cannabis, we would encourage each household to report the issue to the police individually as this will help police to determine how serious the issue may be.

Last modified on 24 November 2023

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