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What can I do if my neighbours are smoking Cannabis?

What can the council do?

The council recognises that whilst neighbours smoking cannabis in their homes is not necessarily an anti-social act, the odour from smoking cannabis can be very strong and unpleasant for neighbours.  Despite this the council is unable to act against people using or possessing cannabis. Unlike the police we have no powers to act on the illegal use or possession of cannabis.

Smells from a domestic residence would not normally be deemed a statutory nuisance. Complaints of odour from cigarette smoke, tobacco smoke, pipe smoke, cannabis smoke etc. going from one property to another is not a matter that can be investigated under the Statutory Nuisance regime. A statutory nuisance can not be created if the issue is caused by "reasonable use". It is considered reasonable for someone to smoke within their own home and in their garden. This however can be pursued as  a civil matter which the council would not get involved with. Complaints about Odour from Cannabis, as cannabis is an illegal substance, should be reported to the Police. This would not be investigated as a Statutory Nuisance. 

Last modified on 29 June 2023

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